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The predominant features comprised in trucking dispatch software values every users and which inturn increases the productivity.
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Report Management System enables to view the daily, monthly and custom report from the admin user end. By obtaining a report, it would be easy to calculate the growth statistically every month or depending upon the need. It is designed to obtain a rapid and hassle-free report.

Our strong and cash free payment Gate way enables to withdraw the driver’s commission amount. And this commission will be directly credited to the driver’s wallet after every trip. This makes driver to maintain his financial report precisely.

DDM tool is used to track the driver’s online and offline time. This can be viewed by the admin users to check their drivers’ working hours and idle hours. It enables even the drivers to check their working hours. This alerts the driver with their working hours and finds them a way for improvisation.

The updated e-wallet system makes the payment system much easier. This system is built in such a way to ensure security along with high reliability.

Trucking Dispatch Software customers are encouraged by the system generated promotional codes. More customers can be acquired by conducting Referral Programs and through Rewards. And this system promises the growth of the business.

To acquire clients across the globe, the Trucking Dispatch Software implements multiple languages within the application. This makes users to understand and learn the application in their own languages.

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