How can taxi dispatch software can increase the ROI of your business

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How can taxi dispatch software can increase the ROI of your business


How Taxi Dispatch Software Can Increase The ROI Of Your Business?

The traditional taxi business is set to evolve digitally and it's only smart to adapt to it. 

The technological ignorance in the traditional taxi business is going to put their survival into question. Consumers are going to move towards technological solutions, Traditional businesses will lose customers to mobile taxi businesses and the revenue will decrease, due to the failure to adopt technology.

Let’s understand the whitelabel taxi dispatch solution in an overview.

The taxi dispatch system service is a mobile application or a software system that connects the passengers ‘searching for the taxi’ with the drivers ‘looking to take the passengers for a ride’.


With a single tap on mobile, the passengers can view the nearby drivers and reserve the taxi. When the passengers book the ride or its booked via their e the job allocation request is sent to all nearby drivers by the application and the driver who accepts the request first will get the next ride job.With whitelabel taxi services, employers can address their employees travelling needs and requirements via a seemingly fast and simple interface

Moreover, the web panel allows seamless taxi management of all the procedure involved with taxi booking on a centralized dashboard.

The readymade taxi app solution enables you to enable the taxi business in just a week or two. The fundamental features, in addition to some advanced features, are also included in the package with a little customization facility with complete rebranding.



How can taxi booking app can save your business money and time

Cost optimization

The traditional taxi dispatch system with its manual taxi management and with the huge labour and monitoring involved spend a lot of time, money, and efforts.

With a white label solution, the drivers and management spends very little time and effort enabling and connecting the driver with the passenger. The app ends up doing every task involved in the process of mapping the whole commuting cycle of different passengers with drivers and communicating it.

With this technology, the drivers and the commuter get connected with minimal effort that ultimately cuts down the operational cost.

Vehicle scheduling

Maintaining a record of all the vehicles which are running, at maintenance can be a complicated task for traditional taxi services and a lot of time goes into maintaining the record.Here’s where the taxi dispatch solution can save you money and effort by  organizing the complete process, digitally maintaining records of all the maintenance activities and other activities related to every vehicle. The GPS embedded in the vehicle effectively tracks and reports the owner if any malfunctioning is found, which helps in taking the right action before it gets worse.

Real-time intelligence

The GPS technology comes with a real-time tracking feature, and is now an essential part of the taxi dispatch solution. The real-time traceability helps all the users of the entire taxi dispatch solution.

It enables the commuter to track the driver’s location when there is any delay in the arrival, or check the roads they are using while driving. The drivers can see the shortest path to reach the passengers and can get the directions for arrival without any delays at the pick-up point. The admin can also watch the driver’s activities such as the speed limit, and track the route that the driver is taking for security reasons .

 Secure Payment System

 Cash payments are no longer safe and convenient for people. Realizing the cashless or automated payment trend, the taxi dispatch application provides various payment methods such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, and others, which offers great flexibility during payment.A secure payment system enables trust among the different users.


Enhances Booking Frequency 

Without a doubt, taxi booking by calling the fleet manager, waiting for a taxi available nearby is a time-consuming and a tedious process for corporate and general commuters.The negotiations on a fare and searching the taxi are the additional hassles, which increases the duration of time taken in a taxi booking.

With the taxi dispatch app, the commuter can get connected with the drivers in just a single tap and fare estimation is pre-determined and the whole process is going to minimise effort. The automated process reduces the total taxi booking time by a great margin. Thereby the drivers can work in an organised way and perform to the peak efficiency, which means increased productivity.   



Undeniably, the whitelabel based taxi services are going to become a huge part of the taxi industry adding immense value to business and consumers. 

Adopt the whitelabel taxi dispatch system to improve the traditional taxi business, rejuvenate the processes, and save a lot of money in addition to a lot of benefits. Get connected with our representative today.





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