White-label Taxi Application Vs. Custom-Built Coded App

By admin / 11 months ago

White-label Taxi Application Vs. Custom-Built Coded App


Internationally the revenue for the taxi industry is expected to show an annual growth rate of 13.7%, which amounts to $318,765 million by 2024.

The unlimited opportunities to make money have geared up the new competitors to jump on the taxi app industry wave, but when it comes to choosing between a white label app or a custom coded app, it's important to identify and know the differences.

The product that is customized for individual brands with custom branding is referred to as white-label apps. The white-label solutions remove the need to build the app from scratch and provide nearly the similar services that Uber or a taxi aggregator offers.


The Set Of Features That White-label Taxi Apps Offer:

The white-label taxi application allows competitors to compete with taxi giants without getting into the competition of developing, designing, testing, and deploying the application in a customized way. It lets you enter the taxi market in a very efficient way. 

For the passenger taxi app:

  • Pre-booking and post-booking of  rides
  • Integration of apps
  • Chat integration
  • Automated fare generator
  • Credit/debit card payment methods
  • Feedback/Review

For driver app:

  • Booking acceptable request
  • Integration of Maps
  • Chat integration
  • Automated payout

For dispatch app:

  • Web interface with VOIP integration
  • Scale-up, scale down the number of fleets
  • Front-end customization and branding
  • Analytics and reports
  • Real-time tracking

The white-label taxi app is rebranded to match the business and delivered to the buyer at a fixed cost or as a subscription service. The buyer is responsible for the traffic and the usage of the app by customers. 


The advantages of a White label taxi app over a custom coded application

  • Short release cycles

In the competitive space, speed is a bottleneck. A traditional coding solution eats up time and money in planning, development, designing, testing, and launching of the coded application. This is where white-label solutions outshine as just in a week, you will get a full-fledged application and obtain a competitive advantage.  

  • Doesn’t cost a lot

Buying a custom taxi app solution is expensive. A huge team has to be employed to get a personalized app matching taxi business preferences and reputation. Besides, the high investment required can cut short your business spending in other areas.

The white-label solution doesn’t put a hole in your pocket and with little investment, you will get the mobile application that can put the taxi on the roads. The easy customization options also make the branding easy.

  • Zero maintenance

When a traditional coded application is developed employing a huge team, then it needs some kind of support and maintenance periodically. You need to choose a server and frequently update the code, it adds up as overhead costs

The white-label taxi application relieves you from the app maintenance-related needs and it's as simple as plug and play. The white-label mobile applications relieve the app maintenance-related needs because it’s often deployed as a software as a service where the support and maintenance needs of the application are handled by the seller’s team.  




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