Automating Your Taxi Business? - Questions to Ask while building the Whitelabel application

Check out the questions to ask and the things to know before proceeding with a Whitelabel taxi application.

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Automating Your Taxi Business? - Questions to Ask while building the Whitelabel application

Check out the questions to ask and the things to know before proceeding with a Whitelabel taxi application.


Automating your taxi business is necessary to survive the competition and rise above it. An uber clone app can provide you with the required technology to run your fleet effectively. Whitelabel taxi app can empower your business with instant booking capability with real-time tracking along with a lot of features.

Before jumping right into getting a Whitelabel taxi application you need to factor in a lot of things. There are several considerations and questions to answer before getting a Whitelabel taxi app and that also includes aspects of your app.




Automating your taxi business? Questions to ask while building the Whitelabel application


  • Have you studied the Competition?
    The first thing to do is to assess the competitors and to get an idea of the features that are required in the taxi dispatch software. You will be able to create ways to differentiate your app from the competition and outsmart the competition.
    Analyzing the competition helps you determine your target customers and build effective marketing strategies. You get to know where you stand and the things you need to do to move up.
  • Can the Taxi Booking software be Customized?
    No two businesses are the same! Even if you are a traditional taxi company, you will have unique needs and requirements and tasks specific to your company.
    You may like an extra emergency button, your own identity, and branding or want to integrate your payment facilitator in the passenger app- take a note of all the features you want and sit with your developers. If they are able to get even 60% to 70% of the customizations you have in mind, it is a good deal to go ahead with.
  • Can I Get something Unique and Original?
    The Whitelabel taxi dispatch solution should be able to offer something new or unique that makes you stand out from the competition. It doesn't have to be something completely different- often a new design or feature or ease of use can make a lot of difference.
    You can also look to offer excellent customer service and professionalism to get an edge over the competition.

  • What feathers will be available for the individual passenger and driver application?
    You should be aware of the set of features present in the passenger and driver app. In the passenger version, you might need one-touch booking, GPS tracking of the driver, estimated arrival time and money, digital payment system- everything you need in order to provide a seamless service to the customer.
    The driver app should have its own share of features to make their journey simple.

Consider things like the live location of passengers, GPS-enabled short routes, trip, and earning history. Your white-label taxi dispatch software should be able to add or remove the features based on your need.
A clean and simple interface for both the driver and the passenger should be the primary concern. Customers won't prefer an app where you need to search around for features.


  • What are the Features available to the Admin Panel?
    The admin panel lets you manage and monitor all aspects of running your taxi operations. You can dispatch , schedule rides, monitor drivers, customers, and orders, carry out payments, and more. The admin panel enables you to automate many of the manual tasks increasing your business efficiency and productivity.
  • Which Pricing Model will be Used?
    The Whitelabel taxi dispatch software offers you many pricing options based on features, software usage, and number of active users. The cloud-based models generally come with a monthly fee and support charges along with a one-time setup cost.
    Understanding the pricing model is important to determine the amount you will be paying. You should be able to make profits after paying all costs, so this is an important aspect to consider.
  • Does the Taxi Booking App have enough Security Measures?
    You will want to make the whole experience of taxi booking secure for your passengers and yourself. The mobile app should be developed based on best security practices so that there are no risks of data leaks, hackings or identity theft.
    The app should have features to make the journey safer for the passengers with features like live location sharing, SOS button, and chat option. The payment process should be strongly encrypted so that information is kept safe.
    Some taxi app developers provide a way to track your vehicles in real-time even when drivers are offline- a security measure that's essential.
  • Will I get analysis based on data?
    Whitelabel taxi dispatch services give a way to get hold of actionable data which can be used to make judgments and right business decisions. Simple forms of data points help you get an understanding of your business such as the number of active and inactive drivers, the total number of trips completed, amount of earnings, and the number of people using the app.
    You can also generate data about your customers which can help you form insights to develop effective campaigns for them.
  • How is the after-sales support?
    The job of the Whitelabel taxi dispatch solution doesn't get over just after delivering the solution. You will need someone to troubleshoot problems and fix bugs and unexpected errors. They will also need to provide tech support and be ready to tackle emergency situations.

.The Time is Now to get an Whitelabel taxi dispatch solution

The answers to the questions will determine what kind of application you need for your business. Your position and needs will decide which way to go! You will need a high-quality and responsive taxi booking app to grow your taxi business, so choose the Whitelabel taxi app solution wisely.


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