6 Must-Have Features for Your Custom Taxi Dispatch System

By admin / 11 months ago

6 Must-Have Features for Your Custom Taxi Dispatch System

The most important features to begin with whitelabel taxi dispatch system .The Whitelabel taxi dispatch app is all about allowing taxi and taxi fleet owners to streamline all features and duties into one consolidated place to help them manage  their services well. If you are new to Whitelabel solutions, visit this website to get familiar with the Whitelabel concept 

The essential services include monitoring drivers, tracking taxis, managing accounts, maintaining data, and facilitating orders. Bringing the entire taxi business operations and practices to one place ,having complete control over how they operate, respond, and work together in sync is the underlying definition and  objective of the business.

So, if you have a fleet of cabs operating in your business and you want it to perform better, it should be supported by an automated and optimized Whitelabel taxi dispatch system that specifically addresses your specific business needs and resonates with your utility requirements.

What do you need in terms of attributes and features to begin with your Whitelabel taxi dispatch system development endeavor? Here are the top 6 features that's worth considering.




If there are advanced orders or pre-bookings in your whitelabel taxi booking app, it would be difficult to schedule taxies real time.You are going to need a pre booking management feature to manage and serve pre bookings .You need to have a system that schedules ride prior and enables pre-booking orders finely collaborating and responding to the demand and supply . The whole pre-booking feature should be networked and synced with a detailed communication plan that lets all resources be optimally connected and updated to best respond to the needs and requirements.



 This is a useful feature to have when you need to cater to distant drop services like the airport one, you need to keep up with a variable billing strategy that takes into account factors like time consumption, latency period, resource availability, and service perishability. This is mainly because most of the cities have airports located far away from the core city area and have to drive to the destination in heavy traffic through the busy roads, with difficult driving decisions, signal barriers, and road diversions. Also, as it takes time to pick and drop the customer, it might add to the opportunity cost that must be born with this whitelabel taxi dispatch software.


Many times you would find that customer service gets messed up and hustled to procure and manage orders smoothly. That’s a severe form of downtime and it’s really bad for your business. Besides, there are times when users are stuck up in situations and places where they are not able to communicate with you audibly. In order to avoid all this, you must add a chat feature to your taxi dispatch system and allow users to connect with you in real time.



To be able to get your consumers hooked to your service and to engage them well, you need to offer new ideas and updates from time to time. The best way to do that is using message alerts and notifications,but that only works as intended when these are managed and planned well in a properly laid system. And this can be done by having a module built-in your whitelabel taxi dispatch solution that manages these alerts and notifications: smoothly send across arrival details, payment receipts, and other notes to keep users updated .


While accepting payments ,think from every user’s perspective and you need to allow them to pay the fare in different ways. Here, you can allow them to use cards and apps to make payments besides paying it in cash. This allows you to digitize the payment system and attach it with some offer  based on some loyalty  reward system, which will help you attract more customers to your service. Also, by allowing users to pay right within the app, you make the process standardized, smooth, and sturdy, which considerably adds to your business value.


The consumer gets the idea of how much time it will take them to reach the end point and also the arrival time of the booked taxi at the pickup point for the customer. Different algorithms are used in taxi dispatch software to provide fair time estimations to avoid loss of time and loss in cancellations.


If you are going for custom taxi dispatch system app development, take these features in consideration, as they will help you greatly plan and execute anything in and around your on-demand cab hiring service and sourcing model.


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